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Will Apple Pay Change Your Travel?

Will Apple Pay Change Your Travel?
Instead, it's part of a much larger battle about payment systems, generally, that could eventually change your travel purchase patterns substantially. The battle is centered on the desire of many sellers to cut the bank card-processing networks …
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G/CCS Travel Program Is Back
CIBOLA COUNTY – It has been about five years since Grants High School (GHS) has had a travel program. At the Oct. 7 School Board meeting, two Grants High School teachers brought it back, and hoped to make it more valuable than previous programs.
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Holiday Travel Tips: Top 5 Best Apps To Download For Easy Traveling
While most travel apps list your results by the lowest price, Hipmunk lists its results by "convenience." Instead of listing the cheapest flight first, Hipmunk will show you the flight that will give you the least of a hassle. Hipmunk will always list …
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Why Space Travel Matters More Than Ever

Why Space Travel Matters More Than Ever
Yesterday, somewhere in the Mojave desert, investigators began the long process of understanding the events that led to the tragic accident that killed one pilot and left another injured. And even after they finish, plenty of questions about the future …
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Beardsley Traveling Art Framer: Have frames, will travel
Boasting the same two-week turnaround time, new in-home consultations, and the same customer service, Ms. Beardsley is now a full-time traveling framer. In fact, she'll do everything from picking up your piece to judging the room where it will be hung …
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UTPA TRAVEL SERIES: 5000 Miles to Find My Backyard

UTPA TRAVEL SERIES: 5000 Miles to Find My Backyard
In this exclusive weekly series, students from The University of Texas-Pan American share stories of their experiences this summer in London (and beyond) as part of Dr. Philip Zwerling's Study Abroad travel writing class. I left London after less than …
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Travel: Calendar
The Trainfest model train show takes over the Wisconsin Exposition Center at State Fair Park this week. Enlarge Photo. Coming in Wisconsin this week. Veterans Day events. Veterans Day is Tuesday, Nov. 11, and the event will be marked in advance with …

Mitch McConnell Flip-Flops On Ebola Travel Ban

Mitch McConnell Flip-Flops On Ebola Travel Ban
The Kentucky Republican joins at least 40 members of Congress who have gone on record seeking a travel ban, ignoring experts to push their own Ebola strategies. Not coincidentally, this is happening in the final weeks of election season, when …
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The Taxi Drivers You Want to Avoid
Mark Leigh is president of Asia-Pacific operations at electronics company Jabra. The Singapore-based Briton spoke to the Journal about speeding taxi drivers, turning tech gadgets into a mobile office, and never leaving home without a portable travel …
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Ebola: Here's Why Travel Bans Could Make Americans Less Safe
In a recent Washington Post and ABC news poll, 67 percent of those surveyed said they supported a travel ban from the affected countries. But despite broad popular support for such restrictions, travel bans would actually increase the risk of the …
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