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Ohio Gov. John Kasich calls for Ebola travel ban
AKRON, Ohio — Ohio Gov. John Kasich has joined the growing ranks of Republican lawmakers calling for a travel ban on African countries afflicted with Ebola as his state continues its own containment efforts. “The president has to very seriously …
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Senate candidate Michelle Nunn supports travel ban
On a Friday campaign stop in Macon, U.S. Senate candidate Michelle Nunn, said she supports a travel ban due to Ebola. "So I think obviously the United States, and the rest of the world needs to do more. Better, faster. And I do support travel ban …
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Ebola Travel Crisis: How Does it Stack up to SARS and Swine Flu?

Ebola Travel Crisis: How Does it Stack up to SARS and Swine Flu?
In response to the outbreak, the CDC and the World Health Organization each issued their first-ever travel advisories — high-level alerts in which they advised against all but essential travel to the affected areas in Southeast Asia. WHO later …
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Lawmakers grill health officials over Ebola response, resistance to travel ban
Federal health officials faced the ire of congressional lawmakers at a tense hearing on Thursday over the spread of the Ebola virus in the United States, as Republicans sparred with the witnesses over why they are not seriously considering a travel ban …
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Local Congressmen Call For Travel Ban To, From Ebola-Affected African Countries

Local Congressmen Call For Travel Ban To, From Ebola-Affected African Countries
Kelly has joined other Members of Congress in urging a travel ban on Americans to Ebola-affected African countries, except those engaged in fighting the disease, and a restriction on visas to Africans wanting to enter the United States. “This disease …
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College Will Prioritize Safe Travel in Allocating Funds
The Office of Student Life will prioritize funding domestic student travel that it determines aligns with the “College's mission” when it allocates $ 50,000 in grants to traveling students and student groups this academic year, according to the grant …
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White House: Nope, an Ebola travel ban still isn't on the table; Update: CDC
Democrats in Congress are holding firm against a travel ban right now (apart from a noteworthy few who support it, like Alan Grayson and Kyrsten Sinema) but the politics of their position will only get more radioactive. Here's where things stand with …
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America's Snobbiest Cities (PHOTOS)
Snobbery may indeed be in the eye–or ear–of the beholder. In the America's Favorite Places survey, Travel + Leisure readers rated New Yorkers to be the snobbiest, with D.C. at No. 4 (perhaps they'd accuse Levius of harboring a hometown bias). It's …
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How to Survive Travel With Kids Or … How to Plan the Perfect Family Holiday
There is no great secret to how to travel with kids. It doesn't require any special skills nor do you always have to have a lot of money (although that helps of course). The best way to survive any sort of family vacation with kids is to plan it well …
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UO Travel Fair will offer tips to help travel go smoothly
The UO hosts conferences and guests from all over the world, and many faculty and staff are frequent flyers traveling near and far to conferences as well. To help all those trips go smoothly, the university will host the UO Travel Fair this week in the …
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Ebola scare causes temporary travel disruptions at LAX
But the passenger's eventual admission of travel to Africa caused unnecessary concern. "It has turned out that there had been some miscommunication. This person had been to the continent of Africa but not near West Africa. As a matter of a fact, it was …
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The Latest on Ebola and Travel
The international response to the West African Ebola outbreak has affected travel by air, rail and cruise ship. Here is a guide to what has changed. How are air travelers being screened in the United States? Enhanced screening measures are being rolled …
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Rare Berkshires travel poster up for bid

Rare Berkshires travel poster up for bid
The 1926 travel poster "It's Vacation Time in the Berkshires," shows the timeless activities that once — and still do — attracted metropolitan residents to the area for rest, tennis and some horseback riding, illustrated by John Held Jr., one of …
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Seen At 11: Travel Insurance Offering Coverage For Chaos
NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Ebola, terrorism and political unrest can make a traveler think twice about booking a trip. But as CBS 2's Kristine Johnson reported, there's a new trend in travel insurance that promises to help keep you out of harm's way.
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CDC Chief: Why I don't support a travel ban to combat Ebola outbreak
The first case of Ebola diagnosed in the United States has caused some to call on the United States to ban travel for anyone from the countries in West Africa facing the worst of the Ebola epidemic. That response is understandable. It's only human to …
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No need for New Orleans criminal court judges to travel to resorts for
With hundreds of backlogged cases pending and cuts being made to key services at Orleans Parish Criminal District Court, some judges are racking up thousands of dollars in travel to resorts in Panama, Montana and Sandestin, Fla., in the name of …
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Thorne Travel's video goes viral after Father Ted creator posts it on Twitter
An unintentionally hilarious promo video for a small Scots travel agent featuring naff dancing, amateurish special effects and a cruise ship 'captain' in an ill-fitting uniform went viral online after receiving an endorsement from Fr Ted creator Graham …
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Envision your happy (travel) place
After all of my time in travel, it is just that — still a dream. Because I have not yet traveled there personally, I don't think I could ever describe the beauty accurately. However, I ran across the following article from the American Society of …
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Abbott, Davis keep up battle over travel costs
A day earlier, the Davis people accused Abbott, the attorney general, of spending ”more than $ 45 million in taxpayer money on his office's travel during his time in office.” On Thursday, Davis' campaign said $ 75,000 of that money was used for Abbott's …
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Poll: Majorities of Americans Desire Ebola Travel Ban, Don't Want Troops in
Majorities of Americans want a travel ban on flights from countries ravaged by the Ebola virus and do not want U.S. troops sent to Africa to help fight the disease. An NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll taken a day before Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian …
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Media: Blocking Travel From Ebola Countries Is Racist

Media: Blocking Travel From Ebola Countries Is Racist
That didn't take long. Mere weeks into the U.S. Ebola scare, and liberal media personalities are already playing the race card. Would a ban on travel from countries struggling to contain Ebola actually work? Maybe, maybe not. But that doesn't matter, …
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Davis, Wagner among those calling for tougher Ebola-related travel restrictions
Davis has been trying to get co-signers since Monday on the letter to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Federal Aviation Administration that calls for "stronger travel restriction and safeguards between countries in West Africa …

Ebola Outbreak Hits Resources, Travel Stocks
A volunteer in a protective suit after spraying disinfectant outside a home in Waterloo, Sierra Leone, where a woman had died from Ebola. The outbreak in West Africa is starting to hit pockets of global stock markets. Agence France-Presse/Getty Images.
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Ebola and air travel: What to expect

Ebola and air travel: What to expect
"We are stepping up protection for people coming into the country and for Americans related to travel," said Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While Ebola is difficult to transmit through blood, mucus or other …
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US travel industry worries Ebola may alter holiday vacation plans
"We have not yet heard any concerns that travel demand will be hurt by this situation, and are hopeful that will remain the case so long as reactive steps remain careful and balanced," said Jonathan Grella, a spokesman for the U.S. Travel Assn., the …
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Ebola, Erupting Volcanoes, Terrorism: Travel Tips For Scary Times
We all differ in how we deal with travel anxiety. I recently attended a conference in Iceland, near a glacier-encased volcano with a name that could have come from The Sopranos (“Badabing, Bardarbunga!“). The volcano is still erupting, and an ash …
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